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Saturday, July 18, 2020

HOTW: Levy Tran -

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Fast Cars, Hot Women -

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Go Go – A Dying Art -

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Reasons Not to Hang Out in San Jose -

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Happy Turkey Day -

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HOTW: Nathalie Emmanuel -

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Robosexuality!!!!! and robot hottie of the week -

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hotties in Jumpsuits

I love chicks in handcuffs! Now which of these is my favorite? Grace Lee Dougherty? Jodi Arias? Amanda Knox? Each of them has something going on with them. I like how Grace and Jodi have some nudie shots out there but at the same time I like the girl-next-door features of Amanda. Out of the nudie pics of Grace and Jodi, I’m going to have to rule out Jodi which then puts me down to two: Amanda and Grace. Now for the charges…both involve some kind of violence but I’m going to have to say that I enjoyed reading the…

Miley Cyrus – Twerking

Not sure what else to say except, “I want more!!!!!”

The Loud and Fun to Follow Social Media Queen

John Legend is a lucky bastard if he gets to lie down next to this sexy beauty. If you ever want a laugh and wonder what supermodels really thinks, follow her on Twitter.

Representing all those HHOTW is Saffron..

That’s right Hairy Hotties of the Week.           Saffron is a lovely model hailing from the northwest …who has appeared on multiple sites               We will have links to some of her “modeling” up shortly             but for now here she is sporting those armpits for the world to enjoy .. Yum yum Ladies armpits are back .. Everyone is doing it. From Sarah Silverman                                        …

Smart is the New Sexy

Smart is the new sexy according to Ashton Kutcher…I mean Chris Kutcher. My choice for hottie of the week is Jolie O’Dell. For the nerds out there, I’m sure she’s one of your favorite tech reporters out there. There’s a slight touch of the Mad Men character, Joan Holloway, in Jolie. Joan…Jolie…hmmm…maybe we can see a tag team match one of these days. Besides her outstanding beauty, she’s my geek hottie of the week. I don’t think anyone else can say they have a huge lady boner for startups!

From Her Perspective

When I dive into the world of erotic literature there are many stories of women who want to be double pumped. I just had to throw this out there for the archives.

Annnnd this week’s Black HOTW is……

This week’s Hottie of the Week is Taraji Henson                           You may remember her from Baby Boy, Hustle and Flow, Benjamin Buttons and that wierd show with the guy from Lost.  She is really carrying that show BTW.                     She gives  off the girl next door vibe..                               but you know she’s all woman!!! Can that skirt get any shorter… Someone que up the got…

Skittle’s Banned Commercial

You can’t go wrong when your girl says, “Give me some sugar! Sugar Daddy!” I can’t really say much about this commercial since it really speaks for itself. My only beef is that I wish I could see more commercials just like this. Does this count as a Foodie post? You be the judge.

Whipped Cream Bikini Bra

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing a whipped cream bikini bra. On the picture above you’ll notice that the center picture is the best way of doing the bikini. The picture on the left is a mediocre attempt at making a similar bra while the picture on the right was totally off. It seemed like they didn’t use the whipped cream from a can and instead used whipped cream from the tub. Okay, the center image has a little Hollywood magic going on. Thank you Varsity Blues. I have to put a whipped cream bikini in the…

Where It Started

I think this is where my obsession with girls in socks all started.